What are the uses of Selenite?

Many spiritual healers recommend wearing medallions with Selenite crystals. It allows conscious and focused practice to ensure that you are more receptive to the positive effects of high vibrations. While an exercise that clears the mind, Meditation is an active investment in restoring your energy field. In this article, we will learn more about the uses of Selenite.

Wearing selenite stone as jewelry can be beneficial, but it is not always enough to meditate or place it on your wheels with this powerful energy source. As natural assimilation of energy, Selenite can also be used to refine your other crystals.

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Selenite has healing effects. 

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a variety of gypsum ore. It also comes in dessert rose, satin spur, and gypsum flower. Selenite is formed from calcium sulfate dihydrate and is a monoclinic crystal. It comes in pearl white light shades with a clay-like texture. Selenite means clarity and consciousness.

What is Selenite

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What are the Uses of Selenite?

Welcome the selenite miracle into your life and be ready to move forward. Whether you want to connect with fantastic kingdoms or feel the need for some more heavenly peace in your heart, this stone will shine with the cosmic light you desire. 

Use of Selenite

From a selenite wand to a slab for your home altar to selenite-inspired gemstone ornaments, you have many ways of welcoming Selenite into your world. 

Uses of Selenite for Purification

A layer of unearthly marvel adorns the selenite stone, like the wing flaps on an angel. Selenite is an ancient goddess stone that brings harmony, protection, and healing to your body, mind, and home. 

Use of Selenite for purification

Selenite is said to be a crystalline form of gypsum. It comes from hydrous calcium sulfate and is a soft stone that looks almost delicate – wings rather than stone. As one of the soft stones, it can be a wonderful and vivid reminder that we must move forward with humility and bring a sacred place to our practices in this world.

Slabs of selenite crystals have been found more or less from the Odyssey-rich waters of Greece to the party inspiration of artistic Mexico, Zen-like Japan, jungle Argentina and Brazil, and around the United States, Poland, Selena, and Russia. 

Due to its terrestrial connection, Selenite has appeared throughout history. Selenite means married to the ancient Greek moon goddess – Celine. Celine has the power to light up the night and has a constantly changing personality. 

The daughter of Hyperion and Thea, she rides a horse or winged chariot and wears a crown of a lunar crescent. Selenite wands are popular with those who want to maintain energy and are made of jewelry with selenite-containing stones and gems to help us open higher frequencies and messages from the universe. 

On a more ground level, Selenite is an excellent stone to move through energy blocks, bring peace and purity to one’s head and heart, and generally keep you safe and secure with your surroundings. Stay connected with the world. 

If Selenite does not slow down your heartbeat, find a stone that connects with your spirit. 

Selenite can have selenite to purify the effects.

Uses of Selenite for Home

A deep healing stone, Selenite is the gem you want to bring your energy to your threshold. This shining moon shining stone is always ready to bring harmony to your home. It is full of purposeful energy and is always ready to stop the positive sapping energy. By placing Selenite in your hallway, you are helping to prevent toxic energy into your home instead of adhering to keeping the space soft and light and soaking in pure white light.

Uses of Selenite As Jewelry

Those who choose to opt for selenite jewelry will find that this is where the stone blooms. Selenite stone may have a soft style, but it makes it a beautiful gem to wear close to your skin. 

Use of Selenite as jewelry

One of the best reasons to choose gemstone jewelry is that when you press the gemstones directly on your skin, they harmonize beautifully with your vibrations. Because there is nothing between you and Selenite, it invites you to send its healing power directly into those chakras, ensuring the magical material of Selenite does not mute it.

If you are looking for other stones that work wonderfully with Selenite, it may be worth considering the precious stones that align with the crown cycle. Amethyst’s brilliant purple color may be the first stone we think about when choosing a partner for Selenite. 

Amethyst, serene, drenched in a dream, and ready to tap into your crown wheel is everyone’s favorite spiritual stone. Surprisingly, Moonstone is the natural companion of Selenite and is always ready to bring that moon to the love table of energy and transformation. 

Charoite is another stone that complements Selenite effectively. This stone is ideal for combining earthly force with lofty thought, ensuring that you are always one foot above the ground, no matter how high you fly.

Lepidolite is here to prepare you for that spiritual awakening, which will ensure your full support even as you delve deeper into the universe.

Selenite also has agate-like properties, so those who like the work of Selenite and want to add dual-energy to the mixture can resort to this stone to further brighten the liquid light of Selenite. 

Tourmaline is another stone that works well with Selenite, especially if you need a little extra grinding and care. Lapis lazuli is another spiritual stone that works beautifully, according to Selenite. 

Finally, Rose Quartz is there to bring your pink color to the heart and make sure the heart is fully open like a star anise.

Selenite wand aids indirect energy flow. The Selenite wand gives off an apparent glow, removes negative energy, and connects with higher consciousness.

Selenite jewelry has amazing spiritual and soothing effects on our bodies.

Uses of Selenite Wands

We like Selenite wands because they fit the power perfectly — just like a conductor or white witch casts a spell to lead an orchestra. There are many ways you can use your Selenite wand to shift, but here are some of our favorites.

Uses of Selenite for Clearing Blocks 

Selenite is a dubbed hand in dissipating energy and vibrating vibrations. If you feel an area or wheel is blocked, you can use a Selenite wand to reflow the contents. Use the point away from the body to remove negative energy or obstacles.

Uses of Selenite for Cleansing the Light 

We are sometimes overwhelmed with anxiety, harmful policies, and critical self-talk. Sometimes, it helps to have a soft eraser, whether our strength or someone else’s impression.

Using your Selenite wand, you can hold it at a distance of inches from the body and slowly move it up and down, inviting it to soak in and remove the unwanted energy accumulated throughout the day. You can do this every day.

Uses of Selenite to Finetune Focus 

If you are spiky all day or suffer from brain fog, place a Selenite wand at your desk or in your studio space to keep the mind sharp and focused.

Uses of Selenite to Clean the space

Selenite wands are also great for vital areas. Keep it near a window or entrance to prevent bad vibes. You can also use your Selenite wand in the same way, smudging to transfer any stagnant energy.

Uses of Selenite as Purifying Crystals 

 If you have crystal jewelry, you can change or clean them by placing them on your Selenite wand.

Uses of Selenite to Reset Yourself

Your Selenite wand can also be a terrible reset button. When you step inside after a hard day or when you feel slow and slippery, rotate the stick horizontally over your body or hold it during a five-minute meditation and transfer the extra weight, giving you a feather-light again.

Uses of Selenite for Better Sleep 

Place your Selenite wand under your pillow or near the bed and let it relax and unwind.

Selenite also helps in Astral projection.

Uses of Selenite for Massage 

The Selenite stick is a miracle for massaging areas where you feel tense and tight. You can use Selenite to balance the chakras.

A Selenite wand has multiple benefits.

Uses of Selenite for Chakra healing

An individual’s chakras are energy centers in the body, each associated with a particular emotion. Crystals, according to some, can affect these energy centers and remove obstacles.

Selenite is associated with the Crown chakra, related to high consciousness, expression, and creative energy. The Selenite helps establish a connection with the spirit world and calls her the kingdom of angels.

It encourages the third eye, the so-called outer chakras on the outside of the body, to place on the crown and soul star chakra. Selenite aids in soothing anxiety. You can put this in the solar plexus chakra for a soothing effect.

Selenite may be a helpful complementary exercise for some, but it is not a substitute for anxiety treatment. 

Selenite is connected to crown chakra

Uses of Selenite bowls

The Selenite bowl is an ideal present for crystal collectors and crystal artisans. Selenite can provide a rapid recharge to your favorite stones. Please place them in the Selenite bowl. It will infuse your crystals and crystal jewelry with high vibrational energy.

Crystal therapists and Feng Shui gurus propose that homeowners put Selenite bowls in their bedrooms to create a peaceful ambiance. Selenite bowls may be great gifts for various events, and they will undoubtedly be ideal gifts for anybody who owns crystals or crystal jewelry.

Uses of Sodium Selenite

The mineral selenium plays an essential role in your health, even if you only need a small amount. Sodium selenite, a form of selenium, is found in plant foods, some meats and seafood, and in foods. Selenium helps activate the antioxidant enzymes and supports the function of many tissues in your body, and sodium selenite is associated with a variety of health benefits. 

It helps you cure cancer. Although selenium does not affect skin cancer recurrence, selenium supplements have significantly reduced growth and total mortality from all cancers. Sodium selenite is beneficial for diabetes. Studies have shown that selenium can have a protective effect in treating diabetes, while others have shown that it increases the risk of diabetes. 

It reduces HIV risk. Although there is no cure for AIDS infection, the disease can lead to malnutrition and selenium deficiency. Selenium’s antioxidant properties aid in protecting cells and decrease disease development in infected people by enhancing enzymatic defense mechanisms.

Selenite can treat skin conditions. Cellulitis is a skin ailment that results in painful blisters and fever due to other illnesses.

It is also fruitful in thyroid disease. Maintaining proper thyroid function by regulating thyroid hormones is one of the many functions that selenium does in your body.

Sodium Selenite has immense health benefits.


Selenite is a stone symbolizing purity and spirituality. It contains solid vibrations and profound healing energy. 

It can assist you in clearing any blockages in your head chakra, sharpening your thoughts, and communicating with higher forces and the angel realms. It not only softens the soul but also aids in connecting with your spirit guides.

Wearing Selenite is one of the most effective methods to activate your spiritual energies. Wearing crystals on your skin can assist your vibrations in raising to meet the higher-pitched stones. 

Selenite may also be used in a crystal grid reiki practice, and if you have a Selenite wand, you can use it to clear a place of bad energy, massage the body, and promote sweeter sleep. 

Considering this, you should start wearing Selenite to receive maximum benefits. Go check out attractive pieces of jewelry of Selenite online, or you might want to buy a selenite bowl for charging your crystals.